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内閣府首相官邸公式SNS「JAPAN GOV」

「京友禅サリー」プロジェクトが内閣府首相官邸公式SNS「JAPAN GOV」に掲載されました。


記事 Check out this eye-catching fashion fusion from the Kyoto Cooperative Association of Kougeisensho (Kyoto Yuzen Sarees)! Their sarees , a kind of traditional garb worn on the Indian sub-continent, are made using Kyoto’s traditional Kyoto Yuzen kimono techniques . At a fashion show held jointly by the Embassy of India in Japan and Kyoto Prefecture, sarees featuring the vivid colors of Kyoto Yuzen and exquisite embroidery, including gold leaf, were unveiled to rave reviews. This encouragement has led to the opening of a new market for Kyoto Yuzen as well as resurgent interest in traditional Japanese techniques.








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