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きものSalon に掲載されました



RITOFU(リトフ)は振袖を卒業した女性が、 多面的で豊かな自分と出会い、生き生きと自分の人生を楽しむためのブランド。


家庭画報特選『きものSalon 2023-24 秋冬号』



Titled "Soiree Kimono for Modern Women," RITOFU's new arrival wear "Myrtle - Celebration Tree" is unveiled for the first time on the entire page.

In addition to information about the workshop and Hiroshi Fujii brand long-sleeved kimonos, information on the Yoneju Exhibition and the Tokyo Exhibition is also posted.


RITOFU is a brand for women who have graduated from her kimono to meet their multifaceted and rich selves and enjoy their lives lively.

In the magazine's opening feature, "Dignity and glamorous leading kimono", Chikako Kaku wears a gray-purple Homongi with the motif of the British coat of arms as a kimono for the gala party.


Kateigaho Special Selection "Kimono Salon 2023-24 Autumn/Winter"

Released on Friday, September 1, 2023



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